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Mainstream IT

Enterprise IT departments moving traditional OLTP applications into public, private, and hybrid clouds often have questions about how best to harness the speed of in-memory data grids, the reliability of disk storage, the organization of SQL databases, and the value of new NoSQL data stores. The choices can seem daunting, and the time to decide infinite. CloudTran WebScale Data addresses this challenge head-on with an out-of-the-box architecture incorporating an agnostic approach to your choice of commodity components. Pick the right tools for the job at hand, and CloudTran will ensure your data layer is ready to handle web-scale, business-critical requirements.

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We've all experienced it: while shopping the internet for everything from books to insurance, we evaluate a half dozen different merchants one by one. Eventually we find exactly what we're looking for, but the website we're on seems to get slower and slower the more we add to our shopping cart. Waiting 5, 10, and even 15 seconds or more for a page to load, we inevitably click away and go someplace else. If this is your company's website, it may be time to look at your data layer architecture. CloudTran WebScale Data will keep transactions running quickly and smoothly so you can keep your customers.

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Online Gaming

As gaming companies turn to the internet as a platform for reaching new markets, they're looking at cloud computing architectures to accommodate a rapidly growing, and often unpredictable, user base. But monetizing content and capability in a world where the typical customer expects everything to be free can be a challenge. Using CloudTran WebScale Data to implement cost-effective micropayments offers a solution by letting game companies charge small amounts for everything from swords for avatars to dollars for the farm.

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Web Publishing

Monetizing content for online magazines and newspapers has long been an issue, particularly in light of shrinking subscriptions for traditional paper-based media. While the internet provides the immediacy and interactivity publishers desire, it unfortunately comes with the expectation that insights are free for the taking. Now, CloudTran WebScale Data lets content-driven sites process thousands of micropayment transactions every second using cost-effective, commodity technology. No longer a hindrance to performance, processing financial transactions to monetize content becomes a certain reality.

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Payment Processing

The ubiquity of smartphones and expected continued growth creates a market dynamic that can't be ignored. Soon, these devices will become a consumer's "digital wallet," transmitting payment for goods and services using technologies like Near Field Communications (NFC). Cash will be a thing of the past, electronic transaction volumes will soar, and new technologies will be required not just to handle the load, but to drive processing costs lower than ever thought possible.

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