Simplify Your Development

Simplify Your Distributed Development

CloudTran WebScale Data reduces the cost of developing large-scale, mostly-write applications in distributed and cloud architectures. By shielding developers from the distribution of data and managing transactions that need this data, CloudTran provides a service that dramatically reduces the risk of moving to a cloud architecture while speeding development, testing, and deployment.

Build it Right the First Time

Out of the Box Architecture

For many developers, migrating from traditional client/server architectures to the new age of cloud and grid computing can be challenging. One of the key considerations will be how to take advantage of grid scalability without causing a major re-architecture of the application.

Large applications achieve scalability by being distributed across many nodes, with related information being distributed across machines. Distributed development using this data results in some basic architectural issues that CloudTran addresses:

  • distributing data across the grid and make it easy to redistribute to reduce cross-machine hops
  • providing the application programmer with an “undistributed" view of data
  • ensuring ACID properties are maintained at all times for all transactions
  • mapping between representations of data - the programmer view, the in-memory view, and the storage view
  • efficiently creating primary keys that are unique across the application
  • separating deployment information from the application so that a reconfiguration doesn't require code modifications
Build it Fast and for Less Money

Time to Market

Wherever possible, CloudTran uses well-known tools and concepts, such as Java, Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), object/relational modeling, and messaging. This reduces the learning curve for development teams looking to capitalize on cloud computing quickly.

Developing large-scale applications for the cloud introduces new concepts: defining deployments alongside the application definition, collecting entities into groups, event-driven processing. These are necessary to build optimally efficient applications quickly. By automating the mapping of these to the application server, CloudTran further reduces the learning curve.

Cost of Development

Automatic creation of boiler plate, programming patterns and configuration reduces the cost of development. This is true both for initial development and for subsequent enhancements. CloudTran can even incorporate application-specific architectural requirements into generation templates, further reducing costs.

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