CloudTran Product Overview

Data Grid Architectures for Mission-Critical Applications

In-memory data grids (IMDG) have become a necessity in today's modern application stack. With exceptional price/performance numbers, near-linear scalability, and performance capabilities into tens of thousands of accesses per second, IMDG architectures are on everyone's hot list. Unfortunately, some developers have found limitations when it comes to running scalable transactions across the grid and implementing guaranteed persistence to databases. As a result, most IMDG implementations have been limited to read-mostly, data caching applications.

CloudTran enables developers to quickly and easily use an IMDG architecture for more than just caching and reading data. Our product provides scalable, ACID-property transactions across data grid nodes as well as transactional persistence to back-end databases and replicated data centers. A light-weight transaction processing system that sits along side your standard IMDG, CloudTran is quick to install and even quicker to use. Now use your standard IMDG, standard DBMS, and standard networking to create blazingly fast, business-critical applications that scale on demand by leveraging affordable, commodity hardware.

Why You Need CloudTran

Built for Scale

CloudTran lets you use industry standard components to build scalable, transactional applications quickly and easily. The CloudTran Transaction Manager gives you ACID-property transactions without using 2-phase commits, so your applications scale-out and run at grid speed at all times. This is different from what IMDG products like Oracle Coherence natively provide out of the box. CloudTran addresses the need for fast, scalable transactions across all grid nodes and with full lights-out recoverability of data.

CloudTran provides another important capability on top of what's provided by IMDG products. Using CloudTran, you get an out-of-the-box persistence layer that automatically writes data in the grid to back-end data stores. All writes are done asynchronously, and unlike using a standard write-behind queue, CloudTran ensures complete data consistency and durability with no special effort on the part of the developer.

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