How to Purchase CloudTran

When You're Ready to Make a Purchase...


Do Your Homework

Take time to evaluate your need for the CloudTran solution. Do you have an application in mind that needs the speed of in-memory processing and the reliability of storing data on disk? Here are some things you can do to get started:


Kick it Around

The best way to see how the CloudTran product is going to help your organization is to download a copy and start using it. There's no charge for this, of course, and if you need our help, just send us a note. Here are a couple of potential action items:

  • Create a Developer's Account and get access to the product, documentation, videos, and more.
  • If you don't want to download the CloudTran product yourself, you can sign up to try it using our OLTP Sandbox in the cloud. Everything you'll need is pre-installed and ready to go!

Get Internal Approval

Getting everyone on your team convinced you've made a great decision to start using CloudTran can take time!

If you need our help creating an internal business case, contact our marketing team, and they can help for no charge. You can also download this PDF with a quick overview of our architecture and pass it around.

You're going to need some pricing information at this point, so be sure and fill out this simple form to request a quote.


Purchase and Start Scaling!

Once you're ready to pull the trigger, just respond back to the price quote you got or contact our sales guys. They'll draw up a quick contract and help you get it signed. You'll be licensed and ready to roll before you know it. Your data layer will be scaling in no time!

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