About CloudTran

The Company

A Short Story About CloudTran

CloudTran is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley. It was originally formed as a spin-off from the Java business unit of New Technologies/enterprise, NT/e.

CloudTran extends the use cases for in-memory data grids (IMDG) by adding enterprise-calibur transaction capabilities to products like Oracle Coherence. The CloudTran product makes it possible to use IMDG architectures for highly transactional, business-critical applications, thereby reducing the development and run-time costs of these solutions. Enterprise IT organizations and SaaS software vendors will find CloudTran to be a key requirement in a broad range of applications including ecommerce, supply chain management, ERP, online gaming, web publishing, mobile payment processing, and more.

Why are we doing this?

The company grew from the recognition that developing large-scale applications for web environments is more complex than many organizations realize. Capability and infrastructure that were once taken for granted on mainframes is no longer available "out of the box." Business necessities, like the reliable management of related data, have been left up to savvy developers to invent, and this has been no small task for those who have tried. CloudTran provides capabilities that any developer can incorporate in their design and development projects to instantly gain scalable transactionality and data persistence for their web apps.

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