Product Detail


Product Detail





  Data persistence
  Distributed transactions (with full ACID properties)
  Scalable architecture
  Interfaces with Oracle Coherence™ and GigsSpaces products
  Throughput of 10,000 TPS on commodity hardware

CloudTran provides out-of-the-box persistence to backend data stores, datacenter replication, and distributed transaction across the data grid. MVCC capabilities make the in-memory data grid truly capable of handling business critical applications.

CloudTran enhances the capabilities of data grids with asynchronous, transactional persistence to back-end data stores.

  • Creates and manages a write-behind queue for all inserts, updates, and deletes made into the data grid.
  • Asynchronous processing to the data stores to keep applications running at the speed of the data grid.
  • MVCC so everyone gets a consistent version of the data.
  • Fail-over recovery for grid nodes that may go down.

Fast distributed transactions with full ACID properties and without 2-phase commits.
CloudTran adds ACID symantics to all your transactions, making it possible to write complex transactions that span in-memory data nodes. Importantly, CloudTran does not use the traditional 2-phase commit protocol to coordinate transactions, which is often too slow for operational applications. The net result is you get turbocharged applications that run at the speed of the data grid but with all the transactionality and persistence of traditional data stores.

  • Rock-solid, ACID transactions across grid nodes, providing greater flexibility for data placement and less worry about co-locating transactional data all in the same node.
  • ACID transactions across data shards, across heterogeneous storeage systems, and over LANs/WANs, public clouds, private data centers, and hybrid architectures.
  • Read commited isolation level.
  • Transactions commit first in the data grid for the highest performance.

CloudTran provides another important capability on top of what's provided by IMDG products. Using CloudTran, you get an out-of-the-box persistence layer that automatically writes data in the grid to back-end data stores. All writes are done asynchronously, and unlike using a standard write-behind queue, CloudTran ensures complete data consistency and durability with no special effort on the part of the developer.